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Geography & Culture Fiji is regarded as ‘the hub of the Pacific’ because of its unique location between the Melanesian and Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. In the southern hemisphere, not far from the equator, and at 180 degrees longitude (a few miles west of the International Dateline), Fiji offers a very livable climate all year round. En route to Fiji from the USA you will cross the Dateline and “lose a day” but when you return you will get your day back.
The country comprises some 300 islands, the largest of which are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, the main commercial centers and home to about 80% of the 900,000 population. Nadi International Airport is located in the Nadi Town area of western Fiji, through which over 90% of visitors arrive. On the southeastern coast of Viti Levu is Fiji’s capital city Suva, the government, financial and business hub. Suva, in spite of its importance, is not generally on the visitor trail, partly because of rainy weather and the fact that it has little to offer that is not available in the “sunny” western area where the majority of visitors congregate.
There are also numerous smaller islands on which small but elegant boutique resorts are generally situated, many of which are the sole occupier of the island and highly desirable to many visitors, especially from the USA. They are accessed by modern, regularly scheduled ferry boats or by air, most within 2 hours or less from Nadi International Airport.