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Impulse Management

Mgr Director Impulse Fiji - Richard Beaulieu

Richard Beaulieu

The company is owned and operated by American Dick Beaulieu, who has resided in Fiji since 1984. He has professional travel industry experience dating back to 1967 including 13 years in senior management positions in United and Continental Airlines corporate offices.

Impulse Operations

Office in Fiji Our operations office is based in Nadi, Fiji and this means more personal, faster and better service for you. With a simple local call to a resort, we can talk directly to reservations personnel and very often secure accommodation for your booking when companies outside Fiji cannot.

You can reach us in Fiji on our USA toll-free number (253) 617-1375. This number rings in our Fiji office (you pay only the US domestic phone charges to Washington State).

Last minute Bookings

Our Fiji operations base greatly enhances our ability to get arrangements done for you quickly. Impulse has organized many itineraries within 3-4 days of client arrivals in Fiji. So, if you’ve made a last minute decision, we’ll make the last minute arrangements.

Wide range of Accommodation

Impulse offers an excellent selection of resorts and cruises, in a broad price range, all of which offer consistently high standards of accommodation, dining, personalized service and overall ambience to ensure a carefree, relaxing getaway to the serene, romantic South Pacific.

What are you waiting for?

The official language of Fiji is English so it’s easy to get around. Major credit cards are accepted throughout the country and you’ll find the Fiji Dollar exchange rate favorable against most major currencies. There’s never been a better time to visit the Fiji Islands!