Enjoying Fiji Better With Captain Cook Cruises

Captain Cook Cruises is one of the most luxurious and fun ways to discover the Fiji Islands. No other cruise ship will take you to the heart of Fiji than Captain Cook. You can choose from 3, 4 or 7 night cruises that will surely make your vacation the most unforgettable experience of your life! Here are some of the details of your itinerary:

Your trip starts at Port Denaru

Only 20 minutes from Nadi International Airport is Port Denaru where your Captain Cook cruise to Fiji will start. A warm welcome from the crew will greet you as you come aboard! From the minute you enter, you will know that this is the best cruise ship tour that you have ever been to. Captain Cook Cruises has swimming pools, spas, meeting rooms, in-house beauty services, and a choice of 3 accommodation levels for you and your family.

All the amenities and activities you have been looking for

Daily island stopovers will provide you with an up close and personal experience on your Fiji vacation. You will not just get to find out about each island but you will also get the chance to meet new friends! Your friendly Captain Cook crew will also prepare a day to day list of all the activities offered to passengers like guided island and village tours, snorkeling, glass bottom boat tours and scuba diving.

Get to indulge in authentic Fiji festivals and feasts

You are the guests of honor at a lovo feast! Your crew will inform you that you will be attending a Fijian Lovo which is a traditional form of cooking in the islands. Lovo means “feast cooked in the earth” which is food that tastes like barbeque however the flavor is smokier and the food is in large quantities too! Enjoy delicious chicken, pork, fish and vegetables cooked in an authentic Fijian way and afterwards you and your family will also be entertained with live music and dancing courtesy of hospitable and friendly islanders.

Quiet time too

But if you wish to commune with nature and spend time relaxing under the sun and above the pristine sands of the Fiji islands then there is nothing better than this holiday tour! Captain Cook Cruises also has child-minding services during selected times so you can simply relax the day away!

Book your 3 to 7 night cruises easily

There is simply nothing better than a Captain Cook Cruise to Fiji. You can book online with us right away! You may also choose from special trip packages like Fiji Holidays at resorts and cruises, Honeymoon packages for anniversaries and weddings, Wedding packages from small to elaborate events, Day Tours and unique Fiji Specials where you can find special deals on vacations and packages at Captain Cook Cruises.