Extra Travel Information For Fiji

Fiji is a tropical country and is situated in the beautiful South Pacific Ocean. It’s sunrise and sunset time is very different from mainland USA and it’s weather whilst warm most days are also subject to various weather patterns. We have listed some brief information to assist you with your travel arrangements to Fiji including the type of attire to wear.

Time in Fiji

Fiji lies just west of the International Dateline so it a day later than the USA. It is earlier than the US in terms of hours but times vary depending upon local times between Hawaii and the East Coast. To check the current day and time just Google time in Fiji

Weather in Fiji

The Fiji Islands are considered Tropical so year around temperatures don’t vary much. November through April are considered summer so they are slightly higher than the winter months of May through October. However, during the summer months you will experience higher humidity and late afternoon rains are commonplace. Also, UV rays are stronger than the winter months so you should be mindful about overexposure to the sun.

During the summer months temperatures will range from about 75-88 F but can be hotter in western parts of the mainland. At the smaller outer island resorts temperatures are generally less variable but, depending on wind conditions, you may find evenings cooler so light jackets or sweaters would be handy. During winter months, temperatures are more moderate, usually ranging from about 68-82 and, with light winds the evenings, especially on the small outer islands, will usually require a jacket or sweater. For current weather and short term forecasts, please refer to http://www.met.gov.fj

Attire to bring and/or wear

As noted in the Fiji Weather section, Fiji is generally warm enough in either summer (December-April) or winter (May-November) for casual light attire, especially cotton fabrics. There is no need for formal wear during either the daytime or evenings. Sandals and casual shoes are best and, especially during the summer, caps or hats are also a good idea. During winter, evening weather can be chilly, especially on the small outer islands so a windbreaker or sweater will be handy to have.

Fiji does not permit nude or topless sunbathing and skimpy beach attire is not acceptable in cities, towns and local beaches. In and around the resorts beachwear is fine but when visiting towns or cities, men should wear shirts and women should wear modest skirts or dresses. Dress conservatively when visiting a village and please note that etiquette requires the removal of caps and hats.

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