Fiji Honeymoon Packages

Fiji is an ideal place for a honeymoon with its many attractions. A couple can choose to go on a cruise or simply stay at an island resort with options for daytime excursions. Some of the options include:


Captain Cook Cabin

Capt Cook – Reef Endeavour Room

There are cruise companies that offer 3-7 night packages. These cruise companies are     reputable cruise operators such as the Captain Cook Cruise, Blue Lagoon and Tui Tai. They have been operating successfully in Fiji for many years and have a good reputation in Fiji’s tourism industry.

The packages normally include all meals on-board, entertainment every night, airport arrival/departure transport. Airfares are normally included in the total cost. There are also different types of room available depending on size, standard and location of the rooms.

Visitors can also choose the destination of the cruise as there are different island cruises.

Island Resorts Island resorts remain the preferred Fiji honeymoon location for many visitors as these resorts capture the beauty and tranquillity of the Fijian landscape. A marriage celebrant remembers the beachside wedding he conducted at a resort in the western part of Fiji.

At the resort, the beach was directly in the path of the setting sun. He said that as he conducted the wedding, the sun shone it’s rays over the proceedings, giving the couple a surrounding glow while the waves lapped at their feet. This was a perfect picture for an island wedding.

Island resorts can cater for a small to medium size wedding party with great options for honeymoon stays afterwards. At these places, the surroundings and facilities are close enough together to provide a real feeling of a close group or family.

Mainland Resorts While the resorts on the mainland are not on a small island, they do offer the advantage of having access to shopping centers and other amenities that are not available on an island resort. There are hotels with various star ratings that visitors can choose depending on their budget. From the all-inclusive Warwick Fiji Resort to the Intercontinental Fiji Resort, visitors have a wide range of packages that are available.

All Inclusive Warwick Resort Fiji

Dining on the water at Warwick Fiji

Scuba diving, beachside bbqs and sight-seeing tours can be arranged at a very minimal cost or included in the initial packages.

Cruises/Resort Combos These are packages with a stay at a resort for a few nights and the rest of the vacation on a cruise. The total packages are for 7 nights, 9 nights and 11 nights. These packages allow visitors to experience a changing scenery on the cruises and also enjoying the peaceful stay at an island resort. At the end of the combined stay, visitors will feel that they have experienced a wider range of the Fiji islands while enjoying the peace and uniqueness that each cruise and resort offers.

Finally, the factor which makes Fiji a great place to visit is its people. Fiji Islanders are known the world over for their “Bula” smiles and warm personalities.