Visit Fiji And Sustain The Environment

Fiji has a vibrant tourism market with multi-tier standards of accommodation to suite most travel budgets. It has been growing from strength to strength despite its many challenges such as a number of coups and natural disasters such as cyclones and floods.

One of the areas that many players in Fiji tourism have been focusing on is the long-term management of its environment, normally called Sustainable Tourism. This type of tourism seeks to keep tourism active in the islands whilst maintaining its coastlines, fishing areas and natural resources wisely.

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Villagers along coastlines have already been using this form of sustainability for generations before the first visitor arrived. Village chiefs would declare a complete or partial ban on fishing during certain mourning periods, annual seasons and before important functions. In the Fijian language, this is called a “Tabu”. This allowed fish stocks and the natural flora to re-germinate and flourish. Sustainable tourism is a good approach as it taps into cultural old practice and encourages it further with public recognition and awards.

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Island Resorts such as Jean Michel Cousteau’s Resort and Namale Resort are able to work with the local villages and the environment so that their resorts are not an urbanistic eyesore but a natural extension of the natural surroundings.

Sunset at Namale Resort

Looking Into the Sunset from Namale Resort

Guests in Namale are able to visit a pristine waterfall and view the coral regeneration area for themselves while Jean Michael Cousteau’s Resort is involved in a Mangrove Restoration project. Local villagers are involved in these projects.

These type of partnerships bode well for the health of tourism in Fiji and in particular for resorts. Coupled with the natural friendliness of the Fijian people, visitors to these resorts will appreciate visiting and contributing to the long-term sustainability of the Fiji natural environment and its people.