Koromakawa Resort – Luxurious Getaway at its Finest!

The Resort

The Resort offers a luxurious getaway for you and your loved ones. In fact, this is a one cottage resort with a wide stretch of white sandy beach. The Koromakawa Resort comprises a single cottage which is located on a hill and overlooking the beach. It is located on the Island of Ono, Kadavu. Ono is about 40 minutes from the mainland of Fiji if traveled by air.

Koromakawa is a 20 acre property and this is bordered by a 400 acre native land and unspoiled marine reserve. The resort offers oceanic experience and sightings of many dolphins, pilot whales, orcas and even hammerhead sharks. Koromakawa resort not only offers a wonderful oceanic experience, it also offers extensive walking trails which is perfect for those who want to explore and experience great adventure.

The resort also has exclusive picnics at various nearby uninhabited islands, in addition to snorkeling and bird viewing. True Fijian hospitality can also be experienced through visits to the local villages and schools arranged by the Koro Makawa resort.


The luxurious beach front cottage at the resort offers accommodation to one or perhaps two couples or a family. The cottage is actually surrounded by a large deck and an infinity pool which cascades its water towards the gardens right below. The large deck offers a great place to sun bathe and relax while enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean.

The cottage comes with two bedrooms, a large bathroom and a living room. Each bedroom contains a king size bed that comes with a pillow top mattress for maximum comfort. The living room, on the other hand, offers private dining and beverage facilities. Not just that, there is also an extensive book, DVD and musical library which you can enjoy. The large modernized bathroom offers a separate entry from each bedroom.

Dining and Entertainment

Fiji all inclusive local and international cuisines are offered. In fact, the menus are actually tailored according to your taste and this is served when and where you prefer, may it be at the cottage, main house and any location at the resort. The selection of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner ranges from prime meats, seafood, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The foods served are prepared according to preference of each guest. Gourmet ingredients are used and the meals are prepared differently each day.

Complimentary Activities

  • Picnics to uninhabited outer islands
  • School or village visits
  • First snorkeling trip to see the Manta Rays
  • Trolling between islands and dive sites
  • Visits to bird sanctuary
  • Unlimited trips to marine reserve coral gardens
  • Kayaking
  • Nature walks
  • Children’s games
  • Internet and private office is available (1GB WiFi free in main building)
Optional Activities (charged)
  • PADI Scuba diving, instruction and certifications
  • Special fishing trips
  • Second trip or more to the Manta Rays
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