Namale Resort And Oprah

Outside view with swimming pool

Namale Resort and Spa continues to hit headlines and be the preferred choice for celebrities. Oprah Winfrey chose to provide 5 night luxury vacation to the top resort and spa as a lifetime gift to a group of military spouses. For more details, read this extract from the Luxury Travel Magazine…

For the first time since 2010, “Oprah’s Favorite Things” returned for a two-hour special event on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Like never before, the show revealed the must-have gifts for this holiday season to a group of unsuspecting Military Spouse of the Year finalists in Washington D.C.

The final surprise of the night came when Oprah Winfrey, working with Tourism Fiji, surprised the spouses with a trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Fiji Islands and Namale, Fiji’s #1 Resort & Spa…More at Fiji’s Namale Resort & Spa Named One of Oprah’s Favorite Things

Namale Vacation

Bed with view of the Koro Sea

To get a first hand understanding of what makes Namale Fiji the preferred location for luxury getaways, it’s good to hear from guests who have visited. A couple of friends visited the Namale Resort and came away refreshed and rejuvenated from their two night stay. This is a brief summary of their visit…

When we arrived on the resort minivan from the airport, we were greeted by a  group of local staff and serenaded with a wonderful Fijian song. Then we were ushered into the dining area for a small snack whilst our bags were taken to our room.

As we entered our room, we noticed that our names were carved on the top part of the door frame. Then we were shown around the room after which we just relaxed. There was no TV a or radio to disturb us so we rested really well. All the food and drinks were included in the costs.

There was a small swimming pool outside our room and a walkway with stairs leading down to the beach. Our room was very private. The bedding and facilities were top class and we were treated to fine dining.

This was not your normal restaurant fare but real fine dining. The staff were warm and friendly as only Fijians could be.

When we were to leave, the staff gave us an opportunity to carve our names on a block and this was displayed with many other names in an area of the resort. It’s good to know that our names will always be on Namale.

This real life experience summarized above shows why Namale continues to shine above other great resorts in Fiji.